May 11, 2011

Warmly Yours - Under Desk Heater

Our home office is in the basement and stays cold all year round. In the summer the cold is a welcome relief, but in the winter ... not so much. None of us like bundling up in full winter gear to use our home office, so it doesn't get used much.

We've considered getting a space heater for the room to toast things up a bit. But with two little girls that like to stick fingers where they don't belong, we decided to veto that idea until our kids were bigger.

Something I have found that I enjoy is the Under Desk Heater from Warmly Yours.

The Under Desk Heater is actually a heated mat that can be placed directly under your desk or chair to provide heat where you need it most.  I like that the heater looks like a rug and isn't big and bulky like a normal heater.  I also like that there are no exposed coils for little hands to get burned on. 

To Buy -  The Under Desk Heater comes in 2 different sizes - small for $89 and large for $139 - and can be purchased online at  It is a great, safe alternative to traditional room heaters.  And it uses only a fraction of the energy.  It comes in an attractive Merlot color that fits in with a variety of different decors, and it's comfortable to step on too!

To learn more about Warmly Yours, and see what other products they have to offer you can also check out their blog or follow them on facebook or twitter.


  1. Love this idea! I have never seen one like this and I can see how this would be far safer! very cool!

  2. That looks like a great idea! Only down side when it gets cold, I may not leave my desk! (I don't have a desk but still..