May 4, 2011

The Monster On Top Of The Bed by Alan H. Jordan

The Monster On Top Of The Bed is an enjoyable read for all youngsters.

Sometimes things aren't always what they seem and when the monster fears the child, we come to see a different perspective on misunderstandings and ignorance.  As well, we learn that not everything we say is what it actually means, when Karrit explains to Suzy that certain things she says and does, frightens him.

Together the two work out their differences and a friendship forms and a new light is shed upon them both when they realize that maybe they aren't so different from each other after all.

My children just loved this book, they read it over and over and my youngest son is going to be doing a book review on it as well as, a storytelling in front of his grade 1 class.  The book is filled with many fun sight words that my children enjoyed and they really liked the overall message of the story.

We also received the CD and while they weren't as impressed with the CD as with the book, the CD is an excellent compendium to have along with the book.  It tells the story in several languages as well as, positive reinforcements are shared with the children.

It was a neat idea to add a little bookle with the big book, so that the child can read along while the parent is reading and as in my case, where my two youngest are a year apart, there was no fights over who was going to read the book first, they took turns sharing the big book and the little book equally!!  It is a very cute book with gorgeous and colourful illustrations and it is a great book for encouraging reading with younger children.  Suzy and Karrit are equally appealing to children and its a story that all will be able to follow.

For more information please stop by Alan H. Jordan's website, he also has several school fund raising ideas that children are sure to enjoy participating in~!

The Monster On Top Of The Bed 

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In The Monster on Top of the Bed young Suzy learns that she never has to be afraid of monsters again after she befriends a "monster" who thinks of her as "the monster on top of the bed." This is a great children's book for children who love to read, and those who don't.

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