May 24, 2011

The Memoir Of Marilyn Monroe by Sandi Geles-Cole

The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe is a fictional account on what could have happened if Marilyn had survived her death on August 5, 1962.

Marilyn Monroe didn't die that night, she was whisked away by Joe DiMaggio's son, Joey, to a safe place, in order to detoxify herself and get her life back on track.

Stepping out of the limelight, she allows the world to believe she is dead.  Marilyn goes incognito, reinventing herself for whatever situation she is currently involved with.  She slips off the wagon and for two years she demoralizes herself with booze, drugs and seedy men.  Swimming in a world of chemical induced blindness, she becomes awakened the day JFK is shot.  Her life takes a different spin and she cleans up her life and frees it from the demons that reside just beneath the surface of her skin. 

Sometimes she is Norma Jean, sometimes Cherie from Bus Stop or maybe Sugar Kane Kowalczyk or Lorelei Lee from Gentleman Prefer Blondes, whatever or whoever the situation calls for, Marilyn calls on them to get her out of stressful situations. 

I am not sure what to make of this "memoir", the slant towards Marilyn's alcohol and substance abuse almost makes Marilyn appear in a bad light, when I feel she was just misunderstood by the jealous people who surrounded around her.  There were several editorial issues with the books, things like paragraphs starting in mid-sentence, doubling of words or the lack of words, it disrupted the flow of the story and only helped to hinder the already weak plot.

The print was overly large and one is able to read the book in two hours, other than a few tidbits of nostalgia, I wasn't really impressed with this work, I truly couldn't see the point, other than to offer a different alternative to the ending of the movie that became Marilyn Monroe.  If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe, then I cannot see you enjoying this read too much, however, if your just looking for a bit of fluff to pass a couple of hours with, then this piece would allow you to read a book and not cloud your brain with too much thinking.  Its light, juvenile writing style would be an easy read for those who don't require too much substance in their plots or their characters.  This "memoir" could have been so much more if the author had envisioned it differently, but the choppy, inconsistent flow of the work will only lead to disappointment for most who believe they are going to read something intelligent and interesting about Marilyn Monroe.

Sandi Gelles-Cole imagines the life the screen legend and enduring cultural icon might have led -- from the opening scene (below) to her 85th birthday on June 1, 2011. DRAMA QUEEN June 1, 2011

They say only the good die young and I guess its true because I'm still here. Today is my eighty fifth birthday. During these years I have lived three lives: Before Marilyn, Being Marilyn and After. I created Marilyn Monroe and then men molded her: studios, agents, and husbands. Ever since the night I did not die, I have tried to leave her behind, but wherever I went, the creature followed. I tried to run. I tried changing my name, my country of residence, my hair color, body type, career and sexual preference. I went to college for coursework in Humanities and studied Russian Literature. But there was no escaping her.

The character I created became my own personal monster and devoured me in the 50s, and even after she died I could no more be someone else than I could grow a penis, change my skin color, or stop being a movie star. My so-called death scene is always described the same: My housekeeper, Eunice Murray, finds my wasted, naked body tangled in a sheet, wet from secretions better left unexplained. I am face down with one hand hanging over the telephone. This detail is discussed often; am I answering a call or making one and if I am calling, then whom? But it did not happen that way. I cheated death. . .
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