May 16, 2011

Godchild by Vincent Zandri

Godchild is a mystery suspense crime thriller.

Jack "Keeper" Marconi is about to get married but before doing so, he visits the grave of his first wife, who was killed by a hit and run driver in a horrific accident.  As Jack is saying his goodbyes, the Black truck with The Bald Man, pulls up and taunts Jack.  However, no one believes him, not even his best friend and Jack fails to attend his wedding, leaving his bride standing at the alter.  After getting drunk and shooting up a bar, Jack is asked to take on a case to save a rich American woman from a Mexican jail.

Renata Barnes is a rich socialite and method writer who has been accused of drowning her own son just so she could write believably about her newest book.  This time she's writing about burriers, rich woman who become courier's of drug, smuggling them across the border.  They do it for the thrill and not about the money.  Renata gets herself caught, arrested and her future doesn't look good.

Keeper is hired by Renata's husband to find her and bring her back.  But Jack is being removed from his element and placed into unknown terrorities.  Will Jack be able to save Ms. Barnes from the evil drug lords or will she end up in a nameless grave like the ones she has witnessed.  When Jack realizes that The Bald Man was also at the funeral of Renata's child, he realizes that things may be interconnected in ways he hasn't fully understood yet and time is running out for all parties involved.

I wasn't really impressed with the character of Jack, he seemed a bit of a wimp to me and every time he got caught, I was rolling my eyes and groaning.  He just came across as a bit of an oaf who through luck only, gets the job done.  I found him to be cliched and stereotyped and his dialogue was stiff and disjointed.

I liked the back story concerning Renata and her child, the twists and turns in that story were enjoyable to read.  However, it wasn't enough for this reader to state this was  a great book, more along mediocrity and droll.  The plot was the only thing keeping the story afloat.  The Bald Man as a "bad" guy name was hilarious when I first read it and I immediately thought of "The One Armed Man" from "The Fugitive".

I have never had the opportunity to read a Vincent Zandri book before and had only heard good reviews but this reader isn't sold, maybe I needed to read "The Innocent" to further understand the machinations of Jack, even though Godchild is promoted as a stand alone novel.  Maybe it was the format in which I read it in, I am not a huge fan of eBooks, they lack depth that is needed to read a book properly.  Or maybe I am just not a huge fan of this writing style...I am not going to say this is a good nor a bad book, I'll have to leave that to you, the reader, I just know this reader didn't enjoy the experience, and was looking for more intelligence and substance from such a renowned author.

He wanted justice, truth, revenge...whichever came first.

Prison-warden-turned-P.I. Jack "Keeper" Marconi understands the criminal mind. And he knows what it takes to break a man. His own life came apart the day a black Buick broadsided his car--and his wife died horrifically in the seat beside him.

Years later, on the eve of his second marriage, Marconi catches a split-second glimpse of the driver who killed his wife. Suddenly hurtled back into the past, he is determined to take one last shot at hunting him down. That is, until he is offered a job he can't refuse: to bust a beautiful woman out of a hellish Mexican prison. Now Keeper's chase through Mexico follows a trail of bodies and lies back home: to the truth about a woman on the run, to a man sitting behind the wheel of a black Buick, and to a story that someone will kill to bury....
**  Disclosure:  I did not accept any compensation from the publishers other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!!  **


  1. Interesting review. Thanks.

  2. Having read both The Innocent and The Godchild I would have to agree that you need to read the Innocent to really appreciate the character of Jack.

    Personally I really liked both and apparently other people did as well. It's been in like the top sales in Amazon for a while.

    You said you didn't like ebook formatting? Do you have a Kindle or Nook to read from? Reading from a laptop or computer isn't fun and doesn't really give the true experience of an ebook.

    I have to agree with you as well. I like Renatta and the back story.

  3. Yup...Godchild and The Innocent have been in the top 100 Amazon Kindle E_Books for 60 days...
    Thanks for the review and comments guys...
    As for EBooks vs paper, I read both....