May 3, 2011

 The end of April through the beginning of May is a crazy time for us.  Both of my girls have birthdays exactly two weeks apart.  It's easy to find things my 2 year old would like, but finding toys for 5 year olds is a little bit harder for me.

As I was looking around the web recently looking for ideas, I turned to a site that I absolutely love -

Like a lot of stores, Ebeanstalk has everything from baby toys, to big kids toys on their site. But unlike most, they also have a team of developmental experts that personally select every toy on the site and print up instructions on the best way to use it. Each instruction card includes a description of exactly why the toy was selected, an overview of the developmental skills that the toy helps with, and play ideas.

I love this idea! Every time I  look around the website I discover more toys that can help with my girls' development, and I always get some new play time ideas.

Instead of general categories Ebeanstalk breaks things down first by appropriate age category and then by gender - which makes it easy to find appropriate toys for 5 year old boys and toys for 5 year old girls

Even with this helpful feature I sometimes wonder what toys most kids Kik's age enjoy playing with.  To help with this, Ebeanstalk also has a top selling toys for 5 year olds category.  I like this feature because it helps reassure me that her development is on track.

To Buy - As a parent I absolutely love this site.  It not only helps me find ideas for my own children, but helps when I need to buy a present for someone I don't know very well.

Disclosure - This post was my own and not influenced in any way.  I did receive a gift card for review purposes.

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