May 27, 2011

52 Family Time Ideas by Timothy Smith

52 Family Time Ideas helps draw you closer to your kids as you draw your kids closer to God.

Ever promise your children you'd take them to an amusement park? They may be excited for days—until you get there! Then as they gaze up at the roller coaster, or the spinning gizmo, or the animal-shaped car that disappears into a dark tunnel—they become afraid.

I want you to experience the same thing!

Not because I'm mean, but because it will be fun.


Taking the step to have a weekly family time might be a little scary at first—most adventures are—but don't worry. You won't be alone. I will be your guide. You won't get lost, and I'll make sure you don't eat too much cotton candy before going on the whirling teacups. In other words, you'll be okay.

52 Family Time Ideas is a journey of discovery, together. That means it will be fun. But like a thrilling amusement ride, it will require a little risk. It will be a journey—going to a place you have never been before. The good news is you won't even have to take the minivan! And you get to do it together.

Today's families don't seem to have much time for each other, and if we finally carve out time, we twiddle our thumbs, look at each other, and ask, "So waddya wanna do?"

52 Family Time Ideas provides the structure and ideas for the meaningful and fun family time you want, helping you to discover and experience God's timeless principles for strong families.

In just twenty minutes each week you will discover treasures right in your own family. You will also be building lasting memories for you and your children.

We had loads of fun with this book, making the web was hilarious as we got ourselves all wrapped up in love and laughter.  The bible verses that one shares with the children are thought provoking and inspirational, and the children asked a lot of questions that we did our best to answer.  I liked how each chapter was broke down by a warm up, a kind of question and answer period between family members.  Then a bible reading is shared and discussed with each family member, there are questions for the younger kids as well as your teens, so that no one is left out.  After the discussion, your lead to an activity time that takes the lessons you just learned in discussion and actively participate in the learning that they were trying to promote.  As well, each activity has a quote for the day, which one is to reflect upon and use it to grow with.

The kids really liked the activities and there is a complete listing of all items required to participate, most are things you have around your house, like rolled socks, bowls, string, popcorn, some movies and you and your families participation.  I would recommend this book for any Christian family looking for some rewarding fun, or those families that may have the right foundation and just need some guidance along the way.  We enjoyed the book and look forward to participating with it some more in the future...the kids are looking forward to the popcorn and Incredibles movie night...LOL

Launch a Tradition of Love, Laughter, and Learning--Together

Is your family going five different directions at once? Do you long for quality family time--where everyone's together, away from the TV and computer, doing something fun yet meaningful?

With 52 Family Time Ideas and about 20 minutes a week, even the busiest of families can establish and enjoy regular times together that will have a lasting impact.

For each week of the year, including holidays, you'll find an easy-to-follow activity plan to help you and your kids discover and experience timeless principles for strong families. Through games and other activities, as well as short Bible readings and guided discussions, your family will be drawn together and closer to God.

Ideal for families with kids from ages 4 to 14.
** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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