March 25, 2011

The Eye Of The Storm by William L. K.

The Eye of the Storm is the first book in a new Science Fiction/Fantasy from The Stritonoly Chronicles.  William L. K. takes the reader into the unknown world of Stritonoly and introduces us to the inhabitants who dwell there.

The Acidel, native to the planet, are a peculiar looking, slave race that work, without question, to mine the Purock, a strange, mesmerizing purple rock that can be turned into highly prized works of art.  Their sweat is poisonous to the humans who control them, and great measures are taken in the collection of and disposal of Acidel sweat.  The great law states that anyone who ingests it, dies instantly.  

The Acidel are ruled by a upper elite class of people who view the Acidel as the dregs of society and the only reward ever given to the slaves, is a cavern in which they are allowed to sleep.  Sweating too much or slacking in work ethics is punishable by death, the Acidel accept this as part of their due and never complain.  However, it has come to the Czar's attention that his son may be imbuing the Acidel sweat and plans are made to annihilate the Acidel and remove the threat of their sweat once and for all.  The young man, who has an agenda of his own, believing the mind altering Acidel sweat will give him all he has ever dreamed of, sets in motion a plan of destruction, danger and the collapse of a nation.

I was a little confused when I began reading the book, we are also giving glimpses of a dying girl on Earth, and the first couple of times I read the "chapter", I thought the author had left a memo in his .pdf file and it wasn't til nearing the end of the story, that I realized it was part OF the story.  I liked the tie in of the girl with the people on Stritonoly, even though I didn't quite "get it" at first, the explanations of all who make up the people of Stritonoly kind of reminded me from a scene from The Wizard of Oz.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Barok's Exodus, and learning more about the Acidels and those who control their destinies.

Dmitri, son of the Czar of Stritonoly, driven insane by the forbidden poison of the slave-race Acidel sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events.  A terrifying and eternal force stalks the forest nearby as a storm of epic proportions gathers over the Citadel.

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