February 7, 2011

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole by Regan Nancarrow

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole is the debut book in a new paranormal series called Blue Moon.  Elizabeth Darling is a loner with few friends and massive headaches.  She has the ability of "sight" and more often than not, the deaths of people all over the world continue to haunt her and Elizabeth is always at battle with herself as she fights to suppress her "gift".  She doesn't know why she sees the things she does, nor does she want to. 

On the day she "sees" her best friend, Molly, being murdered, everything in her life changes.  Elizabeth is steered towards her destiny by the Blue Moon agency and the folks who work there.  She agrees to train and focus her talents on bringing justice to those who killed Molly.

The Shen's are a powerful and dangerous Vampire family who set out to find the "Oracle" and they work to pick off the members of the Blue Moon Agency, one-by-one, torturing them for any information leading to the Oracles whereabouts.

According to Molly, a seer herself, only Elizabeth has the power to stop them...will she be able to get her powers under control??  Or will they sweep her away into insanity??  Fighting her will power, lycanthropes and vampires, Elizabeth finds herself one step closer to Molly's killers.

For a first time author, I found this book quite entertaining.  Though many questions that were an integeral part of the story were never answered, I still feel like the read was well worth it, and I'm sure the point for the left out information, is to encourage you to read the rest of the series and find out what Elizabeth's actual powers are and how is she the key to all of this.  With mild to moderate language and several sex scenes, this book is not for everyone.  I look forward to another chapter in the fate of Elizabeth and the folks at Blue Moon.

Regan Nancarrow's Author Blog

One womans journey into the world of the paranormal.  Struggling with her own demons and those around her, she sets out to deal justice to those that deserve it.

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