February 9, 2011

Picture Frame Craft Kids Party Favor from Educational Toys Planet

I was always a little bit of a perfectionist growing up. I liked things how I liked them and did things slowly but incredibly precisely. I'm sure I drove some people crazy!

The need to have things just so has been passed onto my daughter Kik.  I always knew she was a little bit like me but I never realized how much until I agreed to review the Picture Frame Craft Kids Party Favor
from Educational Toys Planet.

The frame and decorations came in a cute wooden box, complete with paints, stickers, and jewels.  I love when everything is laid out for me and everything I need to create my project comes packaged together.

Kik planned out her picture frame the second she saw it.  First came the rainbow paint.

Then the glitter and jewels - and little bit more.

She was so proud of the finished product!

To Buy - She is only 4and a half so she couldn't do it all by herself, but she did a great job and had a lot of fun doing it.  She loved painting the frame but had a little trouble with the glitter tubes.  She couldn't squeeze them evenly and the glitter shot across the frame a couple of times and messed up her design.  Luckily the glitter wipes away before it dries so disaster was averted. 

At only $5.37 the picture frame craft kid would be fun for a rainy day, or a fun activity for a kids birthday party.  I would definitely recommend the wooden do it yourself Arts and Crafts kits from Educational Toys

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