February 28, 2011

Moon Dough from Spin Master Toys

One of my families absolute favorite new toys is Moon Dough.  Moon Dough is a molding substance similar to playdough and Moon Sand, but a million times better!

 When we first got the Moon Dough Magic Zoo I was a little hesitant to let my girls play with it.  We have a moon sand play set and although it is fun, my girls always find a way to scatter it throughout the house.  Which is not my favorite.  Whenever we get it out, I find moon sand tucked into hidden nooks and crannies days after.

I was afraid the Moon Dough would be the same, and wouldn't let them play with it until I could make sure they had extra supervision.  I didn't need to worry.

The dough is easy to mold and holds its shape even when handled roughly.  

It almost feels like plastic and doesn't stick to most surfaces - including hands.

As to the  Magic Zoo, it was a lot of fun.  How it worked was you stuffed the dough into a chamber, and then wound a crank.  The crank molded the dough into an animal form and placed it on wind up legs.  When the crank was done winding, the chamber popped open and an animal walked out.

I loved that the set came with 2 moon dough colors, 3 different animals, and 2 sets of legs that wound themselves.  My daughters loved turning the crank and anticipating when the animal would walk out.  They loved it!

To Buy - I loved that Moon Dough was easy for my daughters to use, and that there was hardly any clean up time.  Moon dough is also non toxic and wheat free!  For more info check out
Moon Dough on Facebook!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions are my own.

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