February 1, 2011

Merlin: The Complete Second Season

A couple of months ago my husband was flipping through Netflix and came across a show called Merlin. It looked kind of dorky and cheesy to me, but my husband loves Merlin and King Arthur so I told him we could watch it.

After one episode I was hooked.  The story of Merlin is based on the Arthurian Legend, but the story isn't exactly the same.  Merlin is a young magician and a servant to Prince Arthur.  Unfortunately Arthur's father - Uther Pendragon - has banned all forms of magic in the kingdom.  Merlin has to learn to develop his talent while keeping it a secret from everyone in the kingdom. 

I love that Merlin is dorky, and that Arthur is kind of sarcastic and mean.  The stories are cheesy but entertaining and the characters seem like real people instead of legends.

I was so excited when I found out that BBC America released Merlin: The Complete Second Season on DVD on January 18th.

2nd Season Synopsis - Merlin is back with even more magic, adventure and romance as the young wizard struggles to protect Prince Arthur in the perilous world of Camelot. While battling deadly assassins, mystical monsters and the most powerful sorcerers Camelot has ever seen, Merlin must work harder than ever to conceal his unique abilities, as King Uther redoubles his war against magic. And Merlin isn’t the only one whose destiny calls—Lady Morgana , Uther’s ward, discovers dangerous secrets she dare not reveal; Lancelot returns, changing everything for both Gwen and Arthur; and King Uther fall in love, little knowing that the charming Lady Catrina is secretly a hideous troll. And as Arthur continues on his path from arrogant prince to the noble and just King Arthur of legend, we see the return of the one prophesised to kill him—the mysterious druid boy, Mordred. Featuring exciting new villains, white-knuckle stunt sequences, and spectacular CGI monsters, Merlin season two is more thrilling than ever.

To Buy - The 2nd Season is even better than the first.  The story line is coming together nicely and Merlin uses his magic a whole lot more!  Own it on DVD for just $40 or check out the official site for more info!


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