February 15, 2011

Disney on Ice - Utah - Share the Magic Ticket Giveaway

Winner - Comment #11 - Carrie said...I've been telling EVERYONE to check this out. It's right after Wrigley's birthday and he's already told me he wants to go!

But because I have two family 4 packs and she didn't choose a friend to share it with, and I can only award one four pack per family (see note below) - I decided to award the second prize pack to the person with the most entries. So Congratulations Tiffanie Justice. Her entry, plus two referrals gives her 3 out of the 15 entries!

My first experience with anything Disney was in high school. I went to Florida with my dance team and we got to perform at DisneyWorld. We got to practice for our performance in a warehouse "backstage" where they stored all of the characters costumes (just FYI - Ariel's shells are dry clean only). Even though I was a teenager and knew the characters were actually just people in costumes, and I had actually seen the costumes, I still wanted to get their autographs and have my picture taken with them.

My second experience came last Summer when my husband and I took our little girls to DisneyLand. My girls still think that the characters are real and they were overjoyed whenever they saw someone they recognized walk by.  There's just something Magic about seeing your favorite character for the first - or second - time.

I've never been to Disney On Ice but I'm so excited to take my girls this March.  I can't wait to see what my girls do when they see all of their favorite characters skate out onto the ice.

To Buy - Tickets are available from the EnergySolutions Box Office and all SmithTix locations, via phone by calling (801) 355-SEAT or (800) 888-TIXX and online at www.energysolutionsarena.com or www.smithstix.com .  Tickets retail for $13, $17, $23, $40 (VIP) and $52 (Front Row) and are on sale now!

Location & Showtimes
EnergySolutions Arena – 301 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

  • - Wednesday, March 9 7:00 pm
  • - Thursday, March 10 7:00 pm
  • - Friday, March 11 4:00 pm; 7:30 pm
  • - Saturday, March 12 11:00 am; 2:30 pm; 6:30 pm
  • - Sunday, March 13 11:00 am; 2:30 pm; 6:30 pm

To Win - Today I'm going to be giving away 2 family 4 packs.  To enter all I want you to do is Share the Magic!  Tell your friends about the contest and then have them come here and leave a comment and tell me who referred them.  The referrer and the referee of the winning comment will both receive a family 4 pack.  And if you heard about the contest from me you can still win!  In your comment just tell me the name of a friend that you would like to share the prize with.  **Note - Only one family 4 pack will be awarded per household for this giveaway, so make sure you are actually sharing the contest and not just getting a spouse or child to enter so you can get 2 four packs!  I'll be mailing the tickets so I will know!

Contest Ends February 21st 2011!


  1. Alena, I tried to post a comment and it is not showing up. I have facebooked your info., but wanted to enter your contest. Let me know if you get this.
    Shauna Hill

  2. Oh yeah Alena told me about this but I just wanted to do it and share with my friend Debbie I would love to win some Disney on ice tickets to take my favorite 3 handsome little grandsons and love to read your blog you do an awesome job so proud of you and the way you are bringing up your little cute girls :) xoxo

  3. oooh, just realized that when I sent people over (from FB) they probably don't know me by my blog ID :) I would LOVE to take my girls to this - and their girly cousins up North would be a fun addition to the trip!!!

  4. Jennifer Tippets referred me to you! YEE HAW! She's an awesome friend!! Disney is so fun :) My little girl is deaf and has a few other difficulties and LOVES all things MICKEY. It would brighten her day :) Thank you!!

  5. Heard about your fun site from Facebook( Tight Wad in Utah)
    If we win I would share with my friend Tiffany Tucker Nelson, who is even experiencing harder times than my own family.
    FINGERS CROSSED, toes crossed, eyeballs crossed.

  6. I emailed some of my friends and family. I am also going to send some people on facebook the message. thanks amy. amypugmire@live.com

  7. Amy Pugmire referred me! We would love to take our girls to this! Thanks!

  8. I heard about this from the girls at Tightwad in Utah. I've also shared on facebook so hopefully some of my friends will come enter! :)
    hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

  9. I heard about this on Tight Wad in Utah. I also told my SIL about it! I would take my friend Christie and her kids

  10. I heard about this from my friend Shauna Hill on FB. Our kids would just love this!! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

    - Lola

  11. I've been telling EVERYONE to check this out. It's right after Wrigley's birthday and he's already told me he wants to go!

  12. Do not have a little girl, but do have a little boy, who i think wold love to see disney on ice. I have never been but have always wanted to see. I would share the tickets with my sister... the editor and brain of this blog. If she is already going i would share then with my sister in law.. who desperately needs a break, a date with her little girl would be perfect.

  13. My Daughter-in-law Tiffanie Justice shared this blog with me, and i have so many little grandchildren that i could take with me. I"m sure this would be a great experience.
    ~kathy justice~

  14. I heard about the contest through TWIU but I would like to share the tickets with my sister in law. She is so much fun and I would love to share this with her.

  15. I heard about this contest through Tiffanie Justice. I would love to take some of my grand kids and it's been about 20 years since I've been.