February 7, 2011

The Best For You by Kelsey Stewart

The Best For You is a story of adoption from a birth mother's point of view.  It is both written and illustrated by Kelsey Stewart, a mother of five, who has been the birth mother of two adoptions.  Kelsey speaks from the heart in this endearing tale about how a mother may feel as she's deciding the future of her unborn child.  Filled with love, warmth and delightful child-like drawings, it is sure to ease the hearts of many adoptive children who may be wondering and have questions of their own.  You can almost feel the conveyance of  love flowing from these pages, you can can almost hear the pain of the birth mothers inner struggle and the joy that the correct decision has been made for all involved.

It is a book of courage that I am sure even expectant mothers who may be considering adoption, would find beneficial to their hearts.  I suggest this book to parents of adopted children to share this with them to help ease any internal fears that they may have.  I also see a use for this in doctor's offices, school libraries, public libraries, resource centers and any other place that children and families may congregate. 

The Best For You Book

Adoption is about the love of a child, not that the child was not wanted.  This book is aimed to help children and parents understand what one birth mother was thinking when she decided to place her child up for adoption.

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  1. Oh my ... what amazing things you have to say about the book! Thank you so very much Jennifer for reviewing it for me, and thank you for sharing it here with your readers.

    I can only hope that this book DOES help children and parents understand a little better what adoption is from the birth parents side. You have described it beautifully and I am honored that you would suggest it for people in adoption.

    What a wonderful way to make my day. SO much appreciation and gratitude for you!!!!
    All my best!