February 4, 2011

Spring Freshen Up your Home Event

I'm from Utah where snowy winters start in October and can last up through Easter. When Spring comes around I'm not only ready to give my house a good Spring Cleaning, but also to change up my home decor as well. From experience I know that even little changes can give a room a whole new look and feel. For this reason I want to have a Spring Freshen Up Your Home Event starting March 21st and carrying over into April.

I plan on splitting up my event into the following categories:

Week 1 - Kitchen/Bath
Week 2 - Living Room/Office
Week 3 - Kids Bedroom/Playroom
Week 4 - Adult Bedroom
Week 5 - Outdoor Lawn/Patio
Week 6 - Home Improvement/Cleaning

For my event I would love to feature home decor, furniture, home improvement, storage and any other home related item that could help my readers change things up in any of the above categories.

Right now I am looking for review and giveaway sponsors and would love to include you in my event!

If you would like your product featured, at least 1 item is required for the initial review. In return, I will write a 200-300 word post about your product/company featuring action shots and a link back to your site. You will also receive a free 125x125 ad space for the duration of my event.

If you would like to add a giveaway to the review (recommended but not required), a second product would need to be shipped to the winner after the giveaway ends. In addition to the post, all giveaways require entrants to interact with the company site, and encourage entrants to follow on facebook and twitter. Giveaways are also heavily promoted on Contest Sites.

With regards to stats I have about 3,000 combined followers/subscribers, 10,000 monthly visitors, and a PR of 3. More complete #'s can be found here.

If you want to Join Our Current List of Sponsors contact me @creatingchildhoodmemories (at) gmail (dot) com


Kids Bedroom/Playroom

Outdoor Lawn/Patio

Living Room/Office

Adult Bedroom

Home Improvement/Cleaning


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