January 18, 2011

Saturnian 1 Sport Review

My daughters aren't the most athletic people in the world. Their throwing ability is average, but their catching ability is less than. My oldest daughter played on a city soccer team this year and up until the last game she just ran behind all of the other kids on the field. She could have ran faster, she just didn't feel like it. And she wasn't interested in trying to steal the ball from other people - too much work.

Shortly after her soccer season ended, we received some really fun balls from Saturnian 1 Sport

While they didn't drastically increase her ability, Kik definitely thought they were more fun to play with.  The balls are a little bit softer than normal balls, and they have a thick mesh layer which makes the balls easier for kids to grip.

The balls are bright and eye catching.  They also don't sting as much when you get hit in the head from behind.

Besides balls, Saturnian 1 Sports also has a huge line of other active products geared towards children.  This spinner looks super fun and they have a parachute my daughter would love!

Definitely a company worth checking out.

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