January 28, 2011

Misleading Advertising

Last night something happened that got me thinking about misleading/false advertising and dishonest companies.

Our friend was visiting us from California and locked his keys in the car. My husband and his friend couldn't get the door unlocked, and our local police department doesn't have the tools to take care of this problem. Our only option was to call a locksmith.

So we found the Run Local Locksmith site online and saw that it advertised LockSmith Service for $15 -No Extra Charges.  Sounds great right! 

Well we called the company and the person at the dispatch office said they would have someone there within 20 minutes.  Then a few minutes later another man called and said he was on his way and would be there in 20 min.  He then told us that the $15 is just for him to drive to the vehicle location and it would cost more to unlock the car.

Our friend was kind of upset because the ad says $15 Locksmith Service and the $15 is just to get the guy out here.  He called their customer service line to talk about the problem and they weren't very nice.  So he called another company to get a quote - $50 flat fee. 

35 minutes later the guy showed up.  He walked around outside for awhile and kept going back and forth to his car because he kept "forgetting" things.  After about 10 minutes of this he finally told our friend that it would be $80 to open the door.  Our friend told him to forget it and he could just leave.

The locksmith said, "Really, Let me go call my supervisor and we'll see what we can do."  Instead of calling the supervisor he walked to his car and then walked back over and said "If you'll pay $50 I'll tell my supervisor that you had a dog locked in the car."

Great job on the quality advertising, great customer service, and the super honest employees guys!

It was a really frustrating experience and made me think about how hard it is to trust some advertisements and know if a review is genuine.  On my blog I get a lot of products to review, but I don't review everything I receive.  I've dealt with bad companies with terrible customer service, and products that I can't in good faith recommend.  So I don't review them.

I know everyone has different opinions of products and companies, but I always post my honest experience about them.  If you ever have a question about a product or want more info about a company, please send me an email or leave a comment.  I would love to discuss it with you!


  1. I had a problem last summer when Gattitown was offering a "moms eat free" special with the purchase of a kid's buffet at regular price. We discovered the special in a full-page ad in June's issue of Reach magazine, a local coupon guide. The deal was the only reason we decided to go and invite friends. My wife, our two kids, another Mom with her son, and me (a Dad) all went as a group.

    We were told at the door that the deal is not valid in the summer. I pointed out the ad that was in the June issue and showed deals for Monday-Friday. They refused to honor the deal by saying it was an ad from previous months that accidentally ran again. Nowhere did the ad say "not valid in summer."

    The kids were all excited to go so rather than let them down we paid about double what we should have had to pay. Of course I complained on Facebook, Twitter, and even checked into Gattitown on Foursquare and pasted my gripe - I just looked at it; June 7th.

    I know your friend's locksmith meant to mislead and Gattitown only made a mistake - they might have even been a victim of a publisher's mistake. However, businesses need to honor their advertisements and never mislead - their reputation rides on it. I love the food at Gattitown and it is a fun place to go but I actually get offended now when I see advertised specials from them. Fool me once...

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  3. I just visited the website and found that they have clearly mention that $15 is fixed charge, to visit the customers place,and other charges are extra. Many a times, when we are in problem we do not read terms and conditions carefully. I agreed with you on the fact that, there are some brands which are advertising, by promising things that can never be fulfilled.