January 19, 2011


A month or so ago I put up a post looking for someone that wanted to join me as an official book reviewer. Since everyone has such different taste in books, I decided to try out 3 of them. Hopefully one will want to stay on with me full time!

Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer - I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself, and this is what she said!

"More about me, huh? EEeeekkkk...now there's a subject I have trouble writing about...um...

"I am me and I eat red pills...I'm a retro girl living in a techno world...classic rock music makes me groove and the colour green is my favourite colour...all shades...I have 6 children and one grand~baby gurl who are my world...I love to read EVERYTHING tho' I am partial to fantasy, sci-fi, historical, biography, archaeology, conspiracy and paranormal...not too fussy on romance or westerns. I do not believe in war and that the future is for our children...my motto is "Put one foot foward and the other will get you to where you are going!" (Bag Lady - Swan Song) Have a groovy one...peaces...xoxo "

She's also Canadian! Check out Scourge and How to Be Perfect if you want to read more from Jennifer.

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  1. shoot - how did I miss that call for reviewers? my own site is a little neglected these days because doing it on my own is a little more than I bargained for :)