January 28, 2011

The Dying Times by Brian Kittrell

The Dying Times is zombie fest of creepiness~!!  13 year old Nadene starts off her day as any other normal teenager...life is mundane and uneventful, that is, until her stomach starts to hurt, warning her of danger yet to come.  After a fire breaks out at school, Nadene goes to stay at her best friends house, while her mother is at work.  There she learns from the news broadcasts that germ-warfare missiles are heading from Africa to the USA.  Again, her stomach hurts and  she doesn't yet know that this "fore-telling" may save her life and the lives around her.  After the missiles hit the east coast...Nadene and her mother, Pam, decide their best course of action is to get away from the area and fast.  Deciding upon Texas, the two gather up some lost and frightened souls along the way.

With "Final Destination" like dreams, Nadene is often able to save the group from many ill-fated events thus taking her role as a leader among the adults.  They begin to trust her "gut sense" and Nadene leads the group to their only means of a getaway...a helicopter...but it means traveling back the way they have come, thru the ever increasing hordes of zombies out for human flesh...some scenes are macabre and frightening and if you love zombies, you'll enjoy this book.  I found once the zombies came into the picture, it was very hard to put the book down.  I loved how Brian Kittrell uses some of the zombies in his scenes...and chuckled trying to imagine a few of them.  The gore in the zombie scenes was just enough to visualize and left you wondering where they were going to turn up.  I found the dialogue a little stiff at times and wished more effort was spent on the back characters by giving them a bit more life on the pages...I felt rushed in reading about them and wished I had a learned a little more.  All in all, I found the book zomb~tastic and cannot wait to read more of this new series.

The Dying Times ~ Nadene's Story ~ is the first book in a new zombie survival series about post-apocalyptic world with flesh-eating undead zombies. 

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  1. Wow sounds interesting. I am your newest follower. Looking forward to reading your reviews. I am a book-a-holic and am always looking for new things to read.

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