January 31, 2011

Aurorae Yoga Northern Lights Yoga Mat Review

As my husband mentioned earlier he has a bad back. He gets weird back pains and the only thing that seems to help is the yoga poses that stretch his back.

Whenever you start a new sport or exercise routine, it's important that you have the right equipment. Without the right equipment even an exercise that is meant to be beneficial - such as yoga - can be dangerous.

In yoga it is important to wear the right type of clothing. Why you don't need "yoga clothes" you need clothes that fit comfortably and are made from stretchy material. Clothes that are too baggy can restrict the bodies movement, and clothes that are not flexible can increase strain on your muscles and prevent the workout from having maximum impact.

Another important tool is a yoga mat. Yoga mat's provide a cushioned area to workout on - which is important because it gives your body support and helps prevent over straining of the joints.

We received the Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat for review purposes, and I was very impressed.

The mat is a beautiful orange sunset color with a Golden Sun Focal Icon.  The mat is 5 mm thick which is the perfect thickness to absorb the impact on joints while still providing stability.  The mat is also extra long which is great when you have little ones that want to exercise with you.

The mat has also has great traction!  Some of the yoga poses really test a persons balance and a non slip mat is a must have.  I love that if a traction problem ever develops, the mat comes with a non slip rosin bag that sucks the moisture out if the mat.  On top of everything else, the mat is odorless and completely biodegradable!

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