January 24, 2011

13 rue Thérèse by Elena Mauli Shapiro

  13 rue Thérèse takes you back in time by weaving a tale of romantic mystery.  You begin to be drawn to the main characters, Louise Brunet from the past and Trevor Stanton of the present.  You read how Trevor finds a box and becomes drawn to the story of Louise, and feels compelled to uncover her tale.  With pictures, artifacts, mementos and more strewn throughout the books pages, the author captures your sense of mystery and you cannot wait for the story to unfold.  Your left to speculate on a time and a place in a distant past that leaves you almost seeing and hearing what the author is trying to write.  Louise is simple but beckoning, her methods naive yet animalistic.  You will learn of love lost and love found.  You will feel Louise yearn for a child that may never come and you find yourself unable to let go until you have finished the story and walked with Louise through all that she could be.  The book is a quick read and I felt driven to finish, to bring to life the woman known as Louise Brunet.  To allow her live if even in my heart, for a few more moments.  It is a gripping story of sex, love, lies, war, passion and history.


13 rue Thérèse is a haunting tale of a woman from the World War 1 era as speculated from her box of mementos.

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