December 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 45 - CSN Stores

So far this Holiday Season I haven't suggested very many ideas for that man in your life. That's because I don't have very many ideas!  My husband is so hard to shop for. He loves tools and electronics, and normal man stuff. But since I don't have an unlimited supply of money to buy him whatever he wants, I have no ideas.

In a perfect world I would buy him an x-box, an x-box kinect, one (or more) TV stands for flat screens, and something 60" to put on said stand.

I love these stands from CSN Stores.

I can just picture my husbands face on Christmas Morning opening one of these stands.  It wouldn't be as good as the tv, but he would be expecting it to follow shortly.

Sadly I don't have an unlimited supply of money and my husband is not getting his dream stand or dream tv.  But if I changed my mind soon, CSN Stores still has a wide variety of items that have guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve!

Now I want to know, what is your Christmas dream?

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