December 16, 2010

Flipped Blu-Ray Combo Pack Now Available

I love awkward love stories, and Warner Brother's recent released movie Flipped completely fits the bill.

 Synopsis - When 2nd grader Bryce moves to a new town his next door neighbor Julie knows that they are meant to be together.  Unfortunately Bryce (Callan McAuliffe) does not feel the same.  In the days and years ahead Bryce does all he can to push Julie (Madeline Carroll) away, while Julie clings to the notion that Bryce will soon be hers.  But after a series of life changing events, both start to doubt the feelings - or anti feelings - they have for each other.

Flipped is a great coming of age movie.  In the movie, the same events are told from both Julie's and Bryce's point of view, and it couldn't be clearer how different those views are.  Julie is a smitten girl and Bryce is an annoyed boy.

I enjoyed the show from the beginning but during one scene I really fell in love.

In the scene Julie and Bryce are sitting in class and Julie starts sniffing Bryce.  That's right, sniffing.  She sniffs his hair over and over again because she just loves the scent of his shampoo.  Luckily that never happened to me,  but can you just imagine how awkward that would have made you feel?  Love it!

To Buy - I hadn't really heard of Flipped before I had the chance to review it, but I really enjoyed it.  It is a period movie, but the coming of age aspect is timeless.

Flipped is Available NOW on Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download!  Buy Flipped [Blu-ray] now for just $25.99 on Amazon of for more info you can Check out the official site here.

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