December 11, 2010

Holiday Guft Guide Day 41 - Rite Aid Photo Gift Review

Every year my husband and I struggle with what to get our Grandmothers. Their houses are filled with countless treasures, and they buy anything they want. Our standard go to gift is an item from a photo department featuring their kids and grandkids.

The Rite Aid photo department has a huge variety of items that can be purchased online. They have tshirts, mugs, and blankets. They have crystals, tins, and a variety of photo canvases.

I have seen the photo canvases lots of places and I have always wanted to try one. And since our guest room is completely empty I decided to go a little wild my photo choice.

Who wouldn't want a giant cow skull hanging over their head while they were sleeping?

Because my first choice was a little ... different, I decided to try a more classic item also.

When my husband got really sick and we had to get rid of our first and only pets a few months ago, my daughters were devastated.  To help them remember their short time with Dr.  Doof and Moldy I made them a photo puzzle.  The puzzle has been sitting downstairs unused in a white cardboard box ever since we got it, so I decided we needed a new more memorable container.  The Wooden Keepsake Box from Rite Aid was the perfect solution.

The box itself is a beautiful cherry color and the inside is lined with a soft white material.  The box isn't very big, but it's the perfect size for a little puzzle or other priceless treasure.  My daughters love it!

To Buy It- Any of the Photo Gifts from Rite Aid would be a great buy this Holiday Season.  And with the huge selection and price range, it would be easy to find the gift you want in the price you want.  My only word of caution with the box is it would be fairly easy to get little fingers shut inside as it snaps closed pretty quickly.

And as a special deal for my followers, Rite Aide is offering a Buy one Get One on either of the products I featured!

For the Keepsake Box just use code - AVIPBOXBG
For the 11x14 Photo Canvas just use code - AVIPCNVS14BG 

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