December 10, 2010

Holiday Guft Guide Day 40 - Holiday Movies - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Deluxe Edition

When my girls are a little bit earlier, we plan to start a new tradition. Every Christmas Morning they will get a new Holiday movie in their stocking. And before they can wake us up to open presents, they have to watch that movie. It sounds brilliant in theory but unfortunately my girls aren't quite old enough to work everything themselves, so that tradition is temporarily on hold.

Until then, we plan on buying said Christmas movie and watching it as a family on Christmas Eve. Warner Brothers has recently released some great movies that are a contender for this Christmas Eve's coveted position.

The first is "Twas the Night Before Christmas DVD Deluxe Edition.

I'm a huge fan of the old Christmas movies, but for some reason I had never seen this one until recently.

For some inexplicable reason all the letters sent to Santa by the children of Junctionville are being returned.  It seems that Little Albert Mouse does not believe in Santa and wrote a letter calling Christmas a "fradulent myth."  Some of the residents of Junctionville concoct a plan to save Christmas and let Santa know that they do believe.  But they can't do it without Albert's house.  Can Albert and the residents of Junctionville save Christmas before it's too late?

When I watched it with my daughter, she was really concerned that the kids were going to get presents.  "Oh no, Christmas is ruined!"  She was so relieved when Albert was finally able to fix things, and Santa made it to town.  "That was a close one."

I really enjoyed watching this with my daughter.  It would make a great Christmas Eve - or Christmas Morning - movie.

To Buy - Twas the Night Before Christmas DVD Deluxe Edition was released on October 5th, and you can Own it on DVD now! Check out the official site for more info.

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