December 8, 2010

Holiday Guft Guide Day 38 - Giant Microbes Review

Every year before we put up our tree we make a couple of new ornaments. We've been doing it for quite a few years now, so we have quite the collection. Sometimes we go with a Christmas theme,

and sometimes Not.

I have to admit, that usually the "Not" is my fault.  I'm not very good at anything crafty so if I am making an ornament and it starts to look like something I go with it - even if it is a green witch finger.

Add it all together, and our tree has become a collection of really fun, awesome ornaments, complete with a Santa Hat Topper.

This year I was so excited to learn that GIANTmicrobes has come out with a new line of Christmas Ornaments.

For those of you that don't know, GIANTmicrobes is a company that takes common germs and ailments and transforms them into fun merchandise (i.e. food poisoning)

They make plush and vinyl dolls.  They have hats, neckties and even keychains.  But my very favorite thing of all is there new line of Christmas tree ornaments.

They are Holidayish and fun and a perfect fit for our tree!

This is the first year my toddler has cared about Christmas, and she loves to take the ornaments off her tree.  After a day or two of broken ornaments I had to move almost all of our ornaments to higher branches - which left a very bare tree.  I love that the GIANTmicrobes ornaments are plush so she can take them down and play with them as much as she wants without hurting anything.

To Buy It - GIANTmicrobes are one of the funnest products I've seen in quite awhile.  My husband and I spent a long time on the website just looking at all the different styles.  And they are educational too!  They would make a great gift for children, health teachers, or scientists alike.  To learn more you can also check them out on facebook and twitter.

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