December 31, 2010

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales DVD

I like to stretch the Christmas Season as along as possible.  For me it starts Thanksgiving Weekend and lasts until New Years Day.  On New Years the Christmas Music is turned off, the Christmas Tree is put away and my Holiday movies are put in the back of our media cabinet.    But since today is my official last day of Christmas, I want to tell you all about a great Holiday Movie I received earlier this month - Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales!

I've loved the Peanuts characters since I was a little kid.  Of course I like Charlie Brown and Snoopy, but my favorites have always been Pig Pen and Linus.  This DVD consists of 5 different short episodes each featuring a different character.  Which makes it 5 times the fun!  Snoopy works as a bell ringer.  Lucy tries to be nice in an effort to get presents.  Charlie Brown and Sally wait up for Santa.  And my personal favorite Linus tries to write a meaningful letter to Santa. 

The DVD is great for kids because the whole thing is seriously only 18 minutes long.

To Buy It - Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales was released on October 5th  2010, and you can own it on DVD now!  Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales is available for purchase on Amazon or for more info you can Check out the official site.

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I received a copy of the DVD for Review Purposes from Warner Brothers but Opinions expressed are completely my own

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