November 30, 2010

Melissa and Doug Make Your Own Princess Mirror.

I love doing craft projects with my girls. As much as I love using my imagination to create something they will love, sometimes it's nice to have a craft kit on hand for rainy days.

It wasn't actually raining today, but Kik sure needed something to brighten up her gloomy mood. Needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic when our Melissa and Doug Make Your Own Princess Mirror came from

The mirror comes in a fun kit with all the makings for a one of a kind princess mirror.  There were jewels and glitter and stickers.  Kik was in Heaven.

The very first thing we had to do was lay all of her gems on the mirror and decide which colors went best where.  Then we glitterized everything.

 We didn't quite make it to stickers because her little sister intervened.  But this was the result.

Unfortunately the princess mirror was a little advanced for Biddy, but Ebeanstalk also has a great selection of art toys for two year olds.  She would love this

I love that on Ebeanstalk things aren't just broken down into two categories - big kid toys and Baby Toys.  If something is listed under the category toys for one year olds everything in the category is completely age appropriate for my one year old.  It makes Christmas Shopping so much easier!

To Buy - I would definitely add the Make Your Own Princess Mirror to your shopping list.  With all the gloomy cold days yet to come this winter, it would be a perfect item to have on hand.

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