November 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 16 - Pillow Pet Review

"It's a Pillow. It's a Pet. It's a Pillow Pet." When my 4 year old first saw the pillow pet commercials, she fell in love. She would go around the house singing the song, and say "It's so easy, even I can do it." She was hooked, and the pillow pet became the must have toy for Christmas.

Pillow pets are cute cuddly stuffed animals that double as a pillow.

My daughters love them so much that these cuddly stuffed animals have become the only pillow allowed in their bedroom.

Which is really cute, but not very convenient when I have to tuck the girls in at night.  Luckily the pillows have lots of stuffing in them because they aren't really big enough for two people:)

Pillow pets are made of ultra-soft chenille and come in 20 different varieties.  They are perfect for nap-time and make a great travel companion.

They are super easy to wash too!  We recently had a situation where we had to wash my daughters "Cuddle Bug".  I forgot about the care instructions I saw on the website, and instead just threw it in the washer and dryer with a ball.  Only after I put in in the dryer did I think to look up the instructions and realize that I had done it all wrong.  But even with my momentary lapse of judgment, her pillow was fine.  And Cuddle Bug was safe.

To Buy It - Pillow Pets are a great buy!  They retail at 19.95 and are much more than a normal stuffed animal.  They are a definite must have for the little ones on your list!

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