November 15, 2010

Clinton St Baking Company - Breakfast Brunch and Beyond

Something that most of you don't know about me, is that I don't really cook - at all.  Sure I make the occasional boxed dinner, but most of the culinary duties fall on my husband.  You see, my husband lived in Italy for a few years and learned how to cook fairly well.  He's no iron chef or anything, but he can make a mean lasagna.  He doesn't do recipes but makes things up from scratch.  And if we have no recipe I will not cook.

He loves to eat breakfast at any time of the day, so when I found the Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond from New York's Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant
Cookbook, I had this great idea.  I would get the book, find a recipe that looked fantastic, and make it for his birthday.

So I got the book, found a great recipe, and got sick before I could make it.  My poor husband finally gave up and made it himself.  And it was fantastic.

It was so fantastic that I want to share it with all of you.

Ingredients -
8 large eggs
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
2 chorizo links (precooked)
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 c carmelized onions
1/2 c chopped plum tomatoes
1/2 c minced scallions
1/2 c Monterey Jack Cheese
1/2 c chooped fresh parsley

Preheat your oven's broiler
Whisk the eggs with salt and pepper until combined
Trim the ends of the chorizo and slice the links into 1/4 inch rounds. Saute the chorizo until it becomes light brown. Add the onions, tomatoes and scallions to the pan, Gently saute the ingredients.
Lower the heat and add the eggs. Move the pan from side to side so a crust forms on the edge. After 1 minute, the eggs will begin to set. Sprinkle cheese on top and place under the broiler until cheese melts.
Sprinkle the scramble with psrsley or chives and serve with hashbrowns.

And you should get this.

We got this

We didn't know that there was different types of chorizo, so we didn't get the right kind, but it was still extra tasty. So tasty in fact that we kind of want to start at the beginning of the cookbook and make our way through all of the recipes. Who knows, I might even be inspired to cook.

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