October 13, 2010

My wish list!

Many of you know by now, that we are going to be having a big blog event starting November 1st with almost 30 giveaways and reviews.  And while I was sending emails to company after company trying to get products lined up to giveaway to all of you, it got me thinking about my top 4 Christmas wishlist.

#1 - I would love an end table with storage and a mail area built right in.  Like this one from CSN Stores, but in a different color.

 I would like to think that it would keep the mail together and make my house less cluttered, but with 2 little girls and a husband to clean up after, it might just be wishful thinking.

#2 -A locket.   I've wanted a locket since I was a little girl.  I like my jewelry relatively simple but not plain, and have not been able to find exactly what I want.  I know it's out there somewhere, so if you know of any great locket stores , I would love to hear about them.

#3- I would like my house painted.  We bought our first house a year and a half ago and all of the rooms were the same shade of white.  We've painted exactly one room in our house, and it just looks so much better.  Unfortunately painting takes lots of time and the kids are anti helpful.  Maybe one day though 

#4 - The complete Candy Apple Books collection (or another similar girly series).  There is no explanation for my love of tween girly books, but I like to indulge it often.

Now I want to know, what's the top 4 on your list?


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  2. Dropping by to follow you back :)

    I hear you on the painting the house. Makes a huge difference but as someone who has a four-year old around, I understand the delay.


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  6. HELLO! My top 4 is really just 1- A NEW car! :)Thanks for joining us at Traveling Through Thursday! I am already following you! Have a great week! www.livingonloveandcents.blogspot.com

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  9. dropping by from the blog hop. Just today I was thinking of doing a wish list and I guess I kind of did when i posted pics of things i found online that i love.