January 21, 2011

Make Your Own Blog Button

I got an email recently asking me how to make a button that others can copy and paste onto their own blogs. For others that might have that same question, here are some simple instructions. Samples of finished products can be seen on my sidebar. I use this exact process.
  • Create an image. I usually make mine on paint or photobucket (they have glittery stickers that you can add directly to the picture) but anywhere you can create a picture would work
  • Upload the image to a photo sharing site like photobucket - accounts are free
  • get the html for your picture and enter it into this code (on photobucket you can select to share the picture and it will have a html option)
  • This will give you a button that you can place on any site.  Just select HTML Javascript and enter it into your blogs sidebar.
  • If you would like followers to be able to copy and paste your button code, enter the following into your html instead.  It will display your button and a separate text box that followers can cut and paste to display the blog button on their site

  • Here's mine in it's completed form
  •  The height and width can also be adjusted by changing the numbers in the code.  height="?" width="?"

    Good Luck!

    1 comment:

    1. Thank you so much! I saved this post in my favorites so I could use it when I made my button. I got all that done today, with your help!
      You're a peach!