October 18, 2010


As I was searching the web recently, trying to find some of the must have items on my children's Christmas list, I discovered a new site that I absolutely love - Ebeanstalk.com.

Like a lot of stores, Ebeanstalk has everything from baby toys, to big kids toys on their site.  But unlike most, they also have a team of developmental experts that personally select every toy on the site and print up instructions on the best way to use it.  Each instruction card includes a description of exactly why the toy was selected, an overview of the developmental skills that the toy helps with, and play ideas.

 I love this idea!  Looking around the website I discovered that even simple toys can help with my girls' development, and it gave me some new play time ideas.

I have two girls ages 18 months and 4.  They are at very different stages in their life, but lots of toys have both listed as the recommended age on the packaging.  I know companies want to sell to as big of an audience as possible, but I always wonder who the toy is really best for.  Instead of having a very general age search, Ebeanstalk breaks down toys by a child's age.  So if you're looking to buy toys for 1 year olds, every toy in the age category will BE for a one year old.  I love it!

But you don't have to take my word for it.  Go to Ebeanstalk.com and check out the difference for yourself!

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