September 22, 2010

Band Angels Review

My toddler is fearless. She climbs, falls, bumps, and scrapes every part of her body, and it doesn't affect her. She just gets up and does it again. My preschooler however, is much more sensitive and cries over every owie.  And of course, every owie requires a kiss and a bandaid.  Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Bandaids frequently find themselves somewhere on my daughter's body.

Something relatively new and different to the Band-Aid market are Band Angels - adhesive bandages with 1 of 3 bible verses printed directly on them.

Band Angels were developed for a very personal purpose.

"Our four year old granddaughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, says Tim.  And she had to be stuck with a needle four times a day.  One weekend she was staying with us, I was watching Tami put a Dora the Explorer bandage on her and it occured to me - why are we putting something so trivial on something so serious?  We had been praying with her for healing and I thought, what if we put a bandage on her that has a healing scripture on it?  It would be a simple way to help teach her about God and the Bible.  We then began to brainstorm about how to do it."

And Band Angels were born!

My daughters have never had a life threatening illness, but I hate to see them hurt.  Anything I can do to help them feel better I am going to do.  My daughter loves the pictures of the angels, and she always wants me to read the bible verses to her.

I like that they are very supple and I love the packaging.  My daughter likes to pick which style we put on her owies, and the clear outter cover makes it much easier to find the right one.

They are definitely a product worth checking out.  And right now if you sign up for your email newsletter, you can receive 3 sample bandages free!

Disclosure - I received a box of Band Angels for review purposes.  It in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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