August 31, 2010


My 4 year old daughter saw a Squinkies Commercial on tv a few weeks ago, and it became her new must have toy! You know which commercial I'm talking about, right? They are squishy, squishy, squashy. They're tiny. They're squinkies!

And they're fun. Each individual squinky comes packaged in its own individual bubble.

You pop the bubble open, and Surprise - a squinky! I love that the packaging, isn't just to throw away, but actually part of the toy. It's fun to pop each bubble open, and see which toy comes out. My toddler will sit on the couch and open them, over and over, and over again.

The squinkies are really cute and their tiny size, makes them easy to carry anywhere. They fit easily into any purse, bag, or pocket. And with the squinkies bracelet packs, they are easy to accessorize.

My daughter instantly fell in love with the white horse and refused to let it out of her sight. She put it on the ring and carries it everywhere.

It goes perfectly with her sense of fashion, and I love it because she has a toy wherever she goes.

Anything that makes her this happy, is a must in my book!

I haven't tried them out, but a lot of their playsets look really fun. I love the idea of the bubble gum machine. It would be a great way to store our squinkies when not in use, and my daughters would love to see what came out of the machine next.

The only real downside is the size. My toddler loves them so much, but because they are less than an inch tall, I can't really let her play with them unsupervised.

That being said, Squinkies are definitely must buys for the young girl in your life!

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