September 11, 2010

Playhouse Disney's Timmy Time Premiere

If you watch the Disney channel, you'll probably know that Playhouse Disney's newest show - Timmy Time - is airing in North America on Monday September 13th, 2010! That's this Monday!

Timmy Time is all about Timmy, a young mischievous sheep with a lot to learn. Each episode follows Timmy through his adventures in Pre-School as he gets into trouble and learns some important life lessons.

When I heard about the show I was a little skeptical. The animals don't talk, but use animal sounds and expressive animations to communicate. I was worried that a whole show done in this style might be too much. But I got a screener dvd for review, and it was hilarious!

Everyone in the family instantly fell in love with Timmy as we watched him struggle through his basic preschool lessons. It was endearing. And my one year old LOVED that the animals were communicating by using normal animal sounds. She laughed every time Timmy made a baa sound. This might be the most into a show I've ever seen her.

The first episode on the sneak peak DVD was Go Kart Timmy. This episode actually aired on September 7th as a Preview of the show, so some of you might have seen it. In the episode, there is a new pedal go kart on the playground and all of the animals are super excited to try it. But instead of waiting his turn, Timmy sneaks off with the go kart and makes a big mess.

The second episode, and the one that made me fall in love with the show was Timmy's Plane.

It's art time at Timmy's school, and the class is learning how to make things out of folded paper. Timmy tries to copy his friends, but he struggles quite a bit. But when his friends plane gets stuck in a tree, Timmy figures out how to save it.

I laughed the whole way through!

I can't wait to tune in to Timmy Time on September 13th, to see what else Timmy can get himself into. Check your local tv listings and join me for the premiere!

You can learn more about Timmy at

Disclosure - I received a two episode screener DVD for media review purposes from PR Kitchen in conjunction with Blog Wire

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