August 17, 2010

My Secret Circle Review

Do your kids love to chat and talk to friends? Do they want to join the online world of facebook and other social networking sites? Are you concerned about the safety of your child on such said sites? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to check out, My Secret Circle - a secure online world for girls.

I tried My Secret Circle with two of my nieces and it really does work! All you have to do is plug the USB Secret Circle Driver into your computer, and the program is loaded. I had one of them set up on a MAC and one of them set up on a PC and the software worked equally well on both.

After parents agree to a set of standard terms and conditions, a My Profile page is loaded where girls can type in facts all about them and customize an avatar to represent them. One of my nieces spent a long time going through this feature. She loved doing makeovers on her avatar. And the All About Me Section doesn't ask for names, or birthdays, or addresses. You can only type in info about favorites - colors, or food, or songs, etc.

There is also a journal page where personal info can be stored. It really is just a digital journal, where you can choose to keep every entry private, or share it with your friends.

And speaking of friends, only other people with a My Secret Journal can be added as friends. How it works is you click on a button to generate a unique code which you can print off and give to a friend. The friend can then enter the code in their own Secret Circle page, which then sends a friend request to the original person. The request can be accepted or rejected, but no one without a code can even try to add others as friends. Also there is no way to connect to another internet page, so unknown people couldn't use any kind of search system to add new friends. The IM feature really is completely secure.

The only thing that I had any real difficulty with, was getting photos uploaded. For some reason I just couldn't get it to work on the Mac or PC. I finally decided to shrink my photos down to see what would happen, and it worked like a dream. Once the photos were on there, my nieces loved playing around with the photo program, adding weird hats and designs to the photos. It really was fun!

The biggest downside to the program is that if none of your kids friends have it, there will be no one in their circle. No circle = no online friends. The best solution would be to buy the BFF Friend Pack!

It comes with two drivers, so your child can instantly connect with their best friend.

To Buy It - To start connecting, My Secret Circle can be found at Amazon or Target!

Disclosure - I received a BFF pack to review from Dittoepr and Pitch it to Me

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