August 18, 2010

Grill Daddy and CoverMate Review

School starts next week, which means that we have been cramming in as much end of summer fun as possible. We've done movies, and parks, and candy stores. We've gone swimming, and yesterday we had our last Summer BBQ.

I love BBQ's, and spending time with my family. What I don't love is cleaning the grill after, and having food uncovered for long periods of time while everyone is talking and snacking.
Yesterday, neither was a problem with the Grill Daddy and CoverMate!

With the CoverMate Food Covers we were able to prepare food early and leave it on the counter for people to snack on.

The stretch and fit covers worked even on this odd shaped dish. And once people were done snacking, the covers were easily put back over the food (spoons and all) to keep little pests out. Which makes mama happy.

The covers come in a variety of sizes and they are microwave safe and reusable. With these little beauties I'll never have to search for a lid again!

And oh the Grill Daddy. I think one of the worst things about BBQs might be the mess left on the grill.

But with the grill daddy's new steam cleaning technology, the gunk was removed much quicker and easier than with a regular grill brush. All you have to do is fill it with water, and watch the steam cleaning in action! It easily cut my cleaning time in half and took my grill from here

to here

Anything that makes my life easier and can cut down on cleaning time is a must in my book! I would definitely recommend both products!

To learn more about either product, check out their website or facebook pages

Grill Daddy on facebook

CoverMate on facebook

Disclosure - I received a CoverMate Variety Pack and Grill Daddy for review purposes from their PR team @ Rosica and Pitch it to Me

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