August 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye

So I haven't written very many personal posts on here, but something big happened in our family lately, and I feel a need to discuss it.

My husband loves kitties, but because of allergies we haven't had any pets in our home. His allergies have never been that severe, just an itchy nose and runny eyes (or is it the other way around?) But when we saw Dr. Doof and Moldy at our local humane society, he decided that he could take medicine for his allergies, and we could get the kittens.

Dr. Doof and Moldy were incredibly cute, and the whole family instantly fell in love with them. But as time went on, my husband's allergies got worse and worse, and his prescription allergy medicine wasn't even working. Gone was the sniffly nose, and in its place was severe asthma and lots of almost trips to the emergency room.

Of course we had to get rid of them, and it broke my 4 year olds heart. The night we had to get rid of her beloved Dr. Doof was seriously traumatic and one of the worst nights of her young life. And it absolutely broke my heart to hear her scream and to see her that sad. Poor girl.

Looking back its easy to see that we never should have gotten them in the first place, and we will never make that mistake again. Has anyone else dealt with the same thing? And if so, what did you do to help your kids?

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