June 21, 2010

Design Your Own Hat

We made glow in the dark baseball hats for our family night recently. I haven't posted any craft ideas on here lately, but this was so fun and easy, I couldn't resist. Even my four year old was actively involved in the process! Here she is sporting her new hat.

To start off, you need a baseball hat (not necessarily pink) and fabric paint. We used glow in the dark paint because things that glow are automatically more fun.

The next step is to draw out your design with pencil. This is the design my daughter came up with for my hat.

Then trace over & color in the design with fabric paint. This part is a little trickier with young children. But my daughter was able to do it with just a little help.

If you're going for the glow in the dark look, the next step is to outline the whole design in glow in the dark paint. And voila ....

an awesome new hat. Below are all of our finished projects - pretty girl(mine), blue meow(the four year olds), Boop(the baby), and big foot(daddy).

My girls are very proud that they made their own hats, and they absolutely love them! Considering the fact that I have no artistic ability, I'm pretty proud of them too!

But now it's your turn! If you try it, make sure and let me know how your hats turn out.

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    Love the hats..very creative.