May 10, 2010

Whippy Cake

I want to introduce everyone to an awesome store named Whippy Cake. That's right, Whippy Cake; as in a tasty collection of clothing and accessories sure to add the perfect touch of glam to any look.
I've been stalking her blog and giveaways for awhile, trying to win absolutely anything and everything Whippy Cake I could get my hands on. And I am happy to say I have had a little success.
The first thing I won was a thumbkin. Thumbkins are cute mini blankets, perfect for little ones to hold on to and bring anywhere that they may need a little extra comfort.
My girl loved hers when she first got it. She would lace her fingers through the holes and caress it against her cheek, as she slowly drifted off to sleep. The "slowly drifted off to sleep" might be stretching things a bit, but it did give my girl something to grab on to while she was fighting the sleeping process. And it did help keep her asleep once she was asleep.

Look how adorable her little pudgy hands are.

I love the bright colors, and the compact size of the thumbkin. And the yarn really is amazingly soft.
Now that she is a bit older, she doesn't use it to lull herself to sleep, but it still makes a great baby blanket for her dolls. If you have a child that doesn't like to sleep, the thumbkin is definitely a product worth looking into.

The second product that I was lucky enough to win was one of her glamour bands. These flower headbands come in all sizes and all colors, and really do add the perfect amount of frosting to any outfit. And best of all, the flowers are interchangeable. My older daughter was so excited when she got hers in the mail and insisted on putting on a little modeling show for me. She seriously looooooves her headband.

And oh the compliments she's received. Seriously, you need to check this store out. As for me, I'll continue stalking her website hoping that she does another giveaway soon, and praying that some anonymous donor decides that they want to send me the entire arsenal of Whippy Cake products.


  1. Those girls are too cute! I will have to check Whippy Cake out!