April 16, 2010

Cannon Power Shot SD980 IS

My husband bought me a new light blue Cannon Power Shot PowerShot SD980 IS camera as an early Mother's Day present, and I love it! The camera is super easy to use and I'm happy to say that I am not nearly as bad at Photography as I am at other types of art. The camera is touch screen and has a bunch of fun settings that you can change directly on the camera (color accent, foliage, and sunset are my current favorites). There are a bunch of other technical things that make this a good camera, which sadly mean almost nothing to me. I just know that it is easy to use and takes great pictures. We enlarged 2 of my favorites to 16x20 to hang in the living room and they are still super clear and focused. I'm not a photography expert, or an any type of art expert, but I would reccommend it to anyone. The only thing I haven't loved about the camera so far is that their is not a hard copy of the users manual so you have to look things up online.

If you are a professional photographer, I want to know what are some of your tips/tricks to help us normal people take better pictures.  And if you are a normal person like me, I want to know what are your favorite things to take pictures of?

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