March 2, 2010

My Favorite Pal Review

I was recently introduced to an awesome store called My Favorite Pal. My Favorite Pal is a small Utah based company that sells matching father and son neckties.I just want to say up front that I received nothing for this review, and the owner doesn't even know that I am doing it. I was just so impressed with the customer service and quality of the product that I had to let everyone know about it. Also I worked at/manged a tie store for 4 years so I feel I am uniquely qualified to review it.

My first experience with this store was back in December. I entered a contest to win a gift certificate and much to my surprise, I won!. I don't have a son, but I do have a husband who always needs some new ties, so I was super excited for the win. I didn't receive the gift certificate until the Saturday right before Christmas and to redeem it I had to call the owner directly, so I thought there was no way I could have them in time for Christmas. The owner didn't answer my initial call, but got back to me within the hour, and then processed and shipped my order that day! My ties came in the mail just two days later! Talk about great customer service!

I was just as impressed with the actual ties. The ties are good looking, hang nicely, and the knots don't wrinkle. All of the ties I received were woven microfiber ties. That probably means absolutely nothing to most people so I'll break it down for you -

Pros -
Microfiber is not as expensive as silk but much nicer looking than polyester
It's hard for most people to tell the difference between silk and microfiber solely based on appearance
Microfiber is durable and easy to spot clean
Microfiber is easier to tie than polyester and the knot holds better
Microfiber does not bleed in humid climates (important fact for LDS missionaries)
Stains don't show up as well on woven ties
Woven ties don't wrinkle as easily as printed ties

Cons -
Not as "expensive" as silk
Snags easier than printed ties

Another very important thing you need to now about My Favorite Pal is that all of the boys ties and some of the mens ties are actually zipper ties. Zipper ties are pre-tied like the clip on, but because part of the tie goes under the collar, you can't tell. They are great for the tying impaired and for those that are in a hurry. There are some drawbacks to zipper ties. If they are not used correctly they are easy to jam, and the length is not adjustable.

I forgot to mention that the ties (especially the zipper ties) on the website are actually priced much better than what you usually find in stores. They also have a great selection of 5 dollar ties for those looking to save a little money. So not only do you get a great product, you get it for a great price.

All in all, My Favorite Pal is a great company with a great product. So if you are looking for matching fathers and sons neckties, or just some ties to supplement a wardrobe, check out My Favorite Pal today.

Here is a cute picture of my nephew sporting his new tie Christmas morning.


  1. Wow, thanks for doing a review. Your nephew looks so cute! I am so glad you liked the ties.

  2. Sounds great. I came across your blog through blogged. It's a great idea. I love children's books too and my family most of all. I've added your button to my site Just a Mom, Reading to My Kids.


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