December 11, 2008

Beacon Street Girls by Annie Bryant

This tween series is well written, and actually kind of funny. I enjoyed reading the books and would reccommend them to pre-teens. Some of the books do deal with issues such as divorce, and the environment, but they do so in a lighthearted kind of way.

1 - Worst Enemies/Best Friends (Beacon Street Girls #1) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Charlotte is new at Abigail Adams Junior High, and after an embarrassing moment in the cafeteria, all the girls at school hat her.
2 - Bad News/Good News (Beacon Street Girls #2) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Isabel moves into town and becomes friends with Maeve and Charlotte. But there is just one problem, Avery and Katani want nothing to do with her.
3 - Letters From The Heart (Beacon Street Girls #3) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Maeve's parents are separating, and her dad is moving out? Will her life ever be normal again?
4 - Out of Bounds (Beacon Street Girls) -
The school talent show is almost cancelled when the auditorium starts leaking.
5 - Promises, Promises (Beacon Street Girls #5) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Avery and Katani both decide to run for class president. Will their friendship survive the competition?
6 - Lake Rescue (Beacon Street Girls, No. 6) -
The girls take a class trip to Lake Rescue, New Hampshire.
7 - Freaked Out (Beacon Street Girls #7) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Julie Faber, a popular girl in school, throws a huge birthday party, but doesn't invite everyone in the BSG.
8 - Lucky Charm (Beacon Street Girls #8) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Marty is missing!
9 - Fashion Frenzy (Beacon Street Girls #9) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Katani's cousin invites her to help with a real fashion show in NYC.
10 - Just Kidding (Beacon Street Girls #10) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Isabel is caught up in the middle of a terrible gossip chain.
11 - Ghost Town (Beacon Street Girls #11) (Beacon Street Girls) -
While traveling to a ranch in Montana, the BSG is separated during a violent snowstorm.
12 - Time's Up (Beacon Street Girls) -
When Katani enters a young entrepaneur contest, she learns that she can't do everything alone.
13 - Green Algae and Bubble Gum Wars (Beacon Street Girls) -
When a Bubble Gum Factory opens in town, Avery and Katani find themselves on a different side of an enviromental issue.
14+ Have yet to review

Super Specials
Isabel's Texas Two-Step (Beacon Street Girls) -
Isabel travels to Texas for her sisters Quincenera, and finds herself in a lot of trouble.
Maeve on the Red Carpet (Beacon Street Girls) (Beacon Street Girls) -
A real Hollywood Director is going to run a film camp at Maeve's dad's theater.
Freestyle with Avery (Beacon Street Girls) (Beacon Street Girls) -
While visiting her dad, Avery competes in a snowboarding competition and makes an interesting new friend.
Charlotte in Paris (Beacon Street Girls) (Beacon Street Girls) -
Charlotte visits her old friends in Paris.
Katani's Jamaican Holiday (Beacon Street Girls)
-Katani goes to Jamaica to help her Grandma keep the family business alive.

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