November 5, 2008

Sabriel by Garth Nix

I really enjoyed this book a lot. However, when I first started reading it I thought it was definitely on the weird side of things. It is a fantasy book, but it has a darker tone. I really enjoyed the approach to the genre that was taken. This book is probably not for younger readers. There is fighting and some gruesome scenes. In this book, Sabriel must try and rescue her father, the Abhorsen, whose job it is to repel the dead that come into the living world. Unfortunately, the Abhorsen is being held by one of the greater dead and it takes all of Sabriel’s skill and a good deal of luck to survive.

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  1. Let me give you a more detailed description about the content of the book, so you can make a more informed decision. There is nothing inappropriate in the books for younger children as far as language. The book is really just somewhat gruesome. Sabriel's father is the current Abhorsen (a necromancer that uses his power to fight the dead that have made it into the world of the living). With the help of evil necromancers a large number of spirits makes it into the world, and Sabriel has to send them back. The fighting is quite gruesome because the spirits must inhabit the bodies of the dead in order to make it fully into the world, and can only be fought with swords and magic. Because the bodies used by the dead are in different stages of decay, and were all killed in different ways, the fighting scenes are pretty gross. As far as any other mature content, the spirits in the Abhorsen's home give Sabriel a bath. There is also a carving of naked man on the prow of a ship that is later turned back into human form.