September 4, 2008

T*witches by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfield

These books are fun and much better than the movie version. There is a lot of action in each book and Camryn and Alex develop their powers over time. This is a great girly book series for tween girls.
1 - The Power of Two (T*Witches, No 1) - Camryn and Alex meet each other for the first time at a theme park in Montana. They have to join together to save a pop star.
2 - Building A Mystery (T*Witches) (T*Witches) - School starts and Alex meets a new mysterious boy named Cade.
3 -Seeing Is Deceiving (T*Witches) (T*Witches) -
4 - Dead Wrong (T*Witches) (T*Witches) - Cam and Alex return to Crow Creek to stop Ike from trying to regain custody of Alex.
5 - Don't Think Twice (T*Witches, No. 5) - Camryn and Alex learn that their birth mother is alive.
6 - Double Jeopardy (T*Witches, 6) - The girls finally meet their mother.
7 - Kindred Spirits (T*Witches, 7) -The girls go to coventry to attend Karsh's funeral.
8 - T*witches #8 (T*Witches):The Witch Hunters (T*Witches) -One of the six pack is experiencing abnormal powers and a witch hunter is threatening to expose Cam and Alex as witches.
9 - Split Decision (T*Witches No. 9) -Thantos lures the twins away from each other.
10 - Destiny's Twins (T*Witches No. 10) - It's time for Cam's and Alex's initiation into the witching world.

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