September 2, 2008

Midnight For Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo

Midnight for Charlie Bone (The Children of the Red King, Book 1) - Jenny Nimmo

When I first came across this book, I though that it would just be a type of Harry Potter clone. I was very wrong. It is true that a gifted boy is sent to a special school, but there really isn’t any similarity beyond that. The story is fairly simple, making this a good book for slightly younger readers that enjoy fantasy. It is completely appropriate for the entire family to enjoy. In this story, Charlie discovers that he has a very unusual gift. He can hear pictures talking to him. He then finds out that he is a descendent of the Red King and is sent to a school for gifted and talented children. Here Charlie finds many others with special gifts, but not all are good. Charlie and his friends must use their talents to fight against the corrupt children of the Red King and rescue a girl with her own special talent.

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