August 27, 2008

Outcasts of Skagaray by Andrew Clarke

Outcasts Of Skagaray -

This book was a very interesting read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book was definitely clean and appropriate, but it was written more for teens and it deals with issues that readers of this age should think about. I really liked how this was an interesting and exciting story, but taught a good lesson about faith, the proper way to live, and the only true source of strength. In this book, Tarran has always been uncomfortable with the violent ways of his people. When he is asked to participate in an act of cruelty that he cannot stomach, he decides that it is time to leave his people and their ways. Living as an outcast, he comes to learn that true strength lies in kindness and that only in following the One True God can he be free.

review by Math T

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  1. I read the book also and thought it was very entertaining. I was interested in the story from the very beginning, and I never lost interest. I thought the author did a good job introducing general Christian ideals into the story without making it awkward or forcing anything. (The beginning reminded me of the Old Testament and towards the end it was more like the New Testament in terms of what was happening in the story.) I'm glad I took the time to read it.