August 21, 2008

Nightmare Academy Monster Madness by Dean Lorey

Nightmare Academy #2: Monster Madness (Monster Academy) - by Dean Lorey

I liked this book quite a bit more than the first one. With the first book I was worried that parts of the book weren't very original and I didn't know how the author would develop the story. This book was totally original and really distinguished this story from other books. The story was fast paced, exciting, and I couldn't put it down. Like the first, there was a very occasional swear word and there was also some fighting, but it was mostly appropriate for all ages. In this book, Charlie Benjamin and his friends are once again fighting the powerful demons called the Named. The goal of the Named is to unite on earth and summon the most powerful demon of all and plunge the earth into a perpetual nightmare. Charlie will have to join with others if he is to succeed and stop the Named from achieving their goal.

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