August 23, 2008

Beast Quest Series by Adam Blade

This is a great series for young readers that enjoy adventure/fantasy. They are extremely clean and appropriate and could be a good way to get kids started reading chapter books.

1 - Ferno The Fire Dragon (Beast Quest) - Tom is sent on a quest for the kingdom to free the powerful dragon who has been enslaved by an evil wizard.
2 - Sepron The Sea Serpent (Beast Quest) - The next leg of Tom's quest will lead him under the ocean to free the sea serpent and restore order to the fishermen.
3 - Cypher The Mountain Giant (Beast Quest) -Tom must face off against a giant in order to make the mountain passes safe for the kingdom's citizens.
4 - Tagus The Night Horse (Beast Quest) -The kingdom's herdsmen are being tormented by an unknown creature. Tom must free Tagus before the cattle are all destroyed.
5 - Tartok the Ice Beast (Beast Quest) -Tom must travel to the frozen north of the kingdom to free Tartok before the icesheets become impassable.
6 - Epos The Winged Flame (Beast Quest) -Tom must now face the most dangerous beast of all. Epos, the phoenix must be freed before it causes a devastating eruption.
7 - Zepha The Monster Squid (Beast Quest) -After freeing the kingdom's beasts, Tom must now defeat evil monsters created by the dark wizard.

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