July 20, 2008

Main Street Series by Ann M. Martin

As a long time Baby-Sitters club lover and collector, I was excited to see this new series by Ann M Martin. I was a little disappointed to discover, that the books aren't really anything like her previous series. Yes the books are about a group of friends, Nikki, Olivia, Flora, and Ruby, but that's where the similarities end. Instead of baby-sitting, the books talk a lot about sewing and small town life. The Main Street books are a little bit more in depth and a little bit harder to read (sometimes slightly boring). The characters are unique and believable, but I always feel bad for them because such depressing things are happening in their lives. All in all not a bad series, but not necessarily one that I would read over and over again.

1 - Welcome To Camden Falls (Main Street) - When Flora and Ruby's parents die, they move to Camden falls to live with their Grandmother.
2 - Needle And Thread (Main Street) - School starts Ruby gets the lead in the community play.
3 - 'tis The Season (Main Street) - It's Flora and Ruby's first Christmas since their parents death, and they don't know how to feel. Nikki and Olivia's lives are also changing.
4 - Best Friends (Main Street) - Flora's best friend from before the accident comes to visit Camden Falls and Olivia is upset. Also it's Camden Falls big birthday celebration and time for Ruby's play.
5 - Secret Book Club (Main Street) -
6 - September Surprises (Main Street) -

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